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Our Philosophy

The Vedic Helpline true to its name is aimed at being the for knowledge of our Vedic Culture, awareness about India’s rich Spiritual legacy, revival of Vedic traditions and unfold secrets of our ancient Scriptures for a happy, abundant and stress free life.

Invasion of Moghuls, gravitation towards western culture and incomplete knowledge of the power of Vedic culture, scriptures and rituals  has led to the  loss of belief in India’s Spritual Wealth. Though Sanskrit being one of the simplest and ancient language has lost its popularity due to lack of knowledge and hence the logical intellectuals are drifting away from the Vedic culture, traditions and rituals due to lack of knowledge.


THE VEDIC HELPLINE inceptor Maulikk Buch, Ex-Journalist by profession, has had strong affinity for Vedic Heritage, Sanskrit language and the various effects of Mantras or Chants and follows his passion to go to the root of any ritual, scripture or place of worship to know and validate the importance and meaning of each. He started the research in year 2005 and visited various Vedic education hubs in Junagadh, Ujjain, Varanasi, Prayagraaj etc where he interacted with Vedic scholars, pandits, saints on regular basis. After almost fifteen years of thorough research, he came up with The Vedic Helpline  as the platform to bring ancient knowledge and Vedic Rituals to common man/woman in the most logical, simplistic manner.

The Vedic Helpline has Sapt Sutras ( Seven Principles)

  • Awareness and Importance of our Vedic Heritage
  • Online Vedic Gurukul – Learning platform for Vedas, Puranas , Shlokas in Sanskrit
  • Tapping in the power of the Tirth Kshetras
  • Revival of obsolete Vedic Rituals which are highly potent
  • Bridge the gap between ancient science and modern culture
  • Solutions to common individual through Astrology, Vedic Rituals
  • Sustenance of the Vedic Scholars and Pandits

The Vedic Helpline has invested hours in identifying good knowledgeable pandits who can take our mission forward of spreading awareness about Vedic Heritage. We have more than 1000 pandits across India registered with us who can conduct pujas in Tirth Kshetras across India including the Sapta Puri Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Ujjain and Dwarika.